Essay: Bringing Help for Women found in Life in Pacific Grove California: Personal Stories by Residents and Visitors to Butterfly Town U.S.A.(Stories of America)

Historical information about the Methodist Retreat beginnings supplied by Randy Reinstedt, and heritage stories by Patricia Hamilton, as a 5th generation descendant of the Reverend Sylvanus G. Gale and his wife, Jane Elizabeth Cloyd, ministers in the early days of the Retreat, 1890-1893. Plus more than 400 personal stories written by residents and visitors, which include WWII memories of how the town reacted and helped during the war, growing up in the 1930s-1940s- and forward; plus details of their interests and lives up to the present, 2017. This project was conceived and produced—with the help of the entire town—by Patricia Hamilton and her team of personal history/memoir professionals. Patricia’s innovative Heroine’s Journey Worksheet is included. This worksheet is used in her memoir writing classes to reveal strengths the writer may not have identified or acknowledged, thereby empowering and inspiring the individual and the community. This book is the first in Hamilton’s “Stories of America” series, created to build individual and community spirit throughout America.