Praise for NO VACANCY: Homeless Women in Paradise

How could one of America’s most affluent communities look the other way as hundreds of women were living – and dozens dying – in the streets? That question drove former pastor Michael E. Reid and his fellow volunteers to create the Fund for Homeless Women, supporting what had been a largely invisible population on California’s Monterey Peninsula. No Vacancy tells the story of that quest – and the women it uplifted – with compassion and candor. Reid’s book is both a call to action and a heartening reminder that, even in times of widespread inequality and polarized politics, grassroots change remains within reach.”

— Jessica Bruder, author of Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century

As the Supervisor representing one of the most beautiful areas in California, I know when people think of Monterey County, they see lush fields, crashing waves over a dramatic coastline and gracious homes throughout.

People do not see the faces of the many homeless people—especially women—who struggle daily to survive.  Living in their cars, camping in unsafe circumstances or couch-surfing, these women have lived here most of their lives.  Illness, divorce, job loss, no safety net and few services have driven them underground.

Michael Reid’s unique lens shows us situations most of us could not endure.  And each of us can identify “there but for the grace of God . . .”.

— Mary L. Adams,
Monterey County Supervisor
District 5